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Beyond Your Website

Making that decision to get a website can be a tough one. The prices range dramatically and with so many options, it’s hard to know what the best one for your business is.
Beyond Your Website will help you make the right decisions about the sort of online presence for you.

"Strategies to
successfully promote
your website "
We also guide you through the strategies needed to promote your business. As the Internet changes, your business needs to adapt with current trends. Beyond Your Website looks at how these trends affect your business and, as part of a marketing plan, can keep you up to date so you will always be ahead of the game.

When creating an online presence, there are several aspects of the website that needs to be taken into consideration. Firstly, and one that is so commonly considered, is the functionality. This means that the site functions as expected, links work, all pages are there and images are showing. This may sound like common sense but there are too many sites that don’t function at this basic level. All our sites are to W3C standard which means they will function perfectly in all browsers.

Next is the visual side of the site. Your site can work technically but if it doesn’t have appropriate colour schemes and imagery to complement your business then you may lose potential customers on looks alone. To understand the visual effect your site should have we look at the demographics of your target audience. Understanding the user means we can understand what will and won’t appeal to their sense of aesthetics, and how the different colour schemes will effect them on a psychological level. Using demographics also effects the level of functionality. For example creating a site that is aimed at an older age group means larger font, simple and basic navigational structure and gentle colour schemes.

"Understanding the
user means
understanding what will
& won’t appeal to them"
The last aspect that often gets missed is the marketing of the website.  Many businesses believe that they can get a website and the customers will come flooding in. That’s like saying you can buy a shop in a small alley and everyone will find your product. Sure, some people may stumble across you but to let the world know you exist, you need to promote the website. There are many avenues you can take in marketing your site from SEO to Affliate linking, from online to traditional. Depending on your product and audience will depend on which direction you choose to take.

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The Internet & Your Business

The Internet became readily accessible to the public only 10 years ago. In that time it has become the major marketing tool for nearly all businesses.

Statistics show that 72% of households have Internet access and of that 72%, 81% are using search engines such as Google to find information. That is 58% of the world that could be looking for the service or product you are offering. Ask us how we can have your site placed front page on Google to capture this market.